Location of TRACE 2013

TRACE 2013 will be held in San Martino al Cimino, a very nice settlement adjacent to Viterbo. Viterbo is a small city (about 61’200 inhabitants) located in the northern part of Lazio, an administrative Region in central Italy, about 80 Km North from Rome.

Set at an elevation of 325 m asl, it stands at the foot of Cimini mountains in an area of volcanic origin. Of ancient Etruscan origin, Viterbo is called the "Popes' town" because it was the residence of the popes and the scene of the papal elections in the XIII century. It maintains its monumental order: aristocratic palaces, untouched medieval quarters, churches and cloisters of various ages, slender towers and original peperino fountains.

The climate of Viterbo in May is usually nice, with a mean temperature equal to 15°C, and average maximum and minimum temperature equal to, respectively, 22 and 9°C. Although the weather is generally sunny, sometimes rainfall can occur.

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Weather Viterbo